In Motion: Irene Cruz

This series showcases those who have expanded their artistic palate, moving from still to motion, or motion to still.

Berlin-based photographer Irene Cruz uses still and moving images to explore her presence in the natural world. Her short film “Die Stille” takes place during the blue light of the crepuscular hour. What first appears to be a still image of silhouetted trees surrounding the cove in a natural vignette is quickly interrupted by motion. Emerging from behind the camera, Cruz enters the frame, slowly making her way into the water. Clothed in a simple dress and silhouetted against the water she loses any identifying characteristics. Her hands, held at waist level, disturb the water’s surface, creating ripples that fan out like a dancer’s skirt. The delicate classical soundtrack contrasts against the sharp sounds of splashing water. The film ends as it began with Cruz walking out of the water, back behind the camera. This small gesture reminds us of our role as an audience in this record of an artist’s performance. 

View more of Cruz’s work on her website.

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