In Motion: Yaushito Tsuge's Documentary on Nobuyuki Kobayashi

From augment5 Inc.’s Chief Director Yaushito Tsuge comes Nobuyuki Kobayashi: Portrait of Nature – Myriads of Gods. A polished and thoughtful film, the short documentary follows the slow and methodical process behind Nobuyuki Kobayashi’s large format platinum landscapes.

Kobayashi takes a studious, almost spiritual approach to every aspect of his process. In keeping with this pace, Tsuge expertly takes the viewer on a journey through each step, from the location scouting in the beautiful Japanese mountains, to the laborious process of photographing in the field with an 8x10 view camera, into the paper-making studio where the ancient Japanese washi paper is made, and finally to the darkroom where we finally see the fruits of Kobayashi’s labor, realized in gorgeous platinum prints. Accompanied by a delicate piano score, subtitled interviews with the photographer, and on-location filming, Tsuge has created a quiet, contemplative documentary that is both informative and inspirational.

View more of Tsuge’s work on his website.

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