Glass & Tin Exhibition

Don’t Take Pictures is pleased to announce the results of our online exhibition Glass & Tin. 50 photographs made in the wet plate collodion process were selected and will be on view through August 23. Visit the exhibitions page to view the entire exhibition.

Half Dome View , Chris Honeysett

Half Dome View, Chris Honeysett

Photographs made with collodion have a magical quality, rendering a highly detailed, yet often imprecise image. Widely used in the 19th century, this historical process is currently experiencing a revival—today’s wet collodion photographers embrace their inner alchemist to give this old method a new twist.

Sacha , Angie Brockey

Sacha, Angie Brockey

For this exhibition, Don’t Take Pictures presents photographs made in this century, using the process from another. Collodion images, whether on glass or tin, including tintypes, ambrotypes, and prints made from glass negatives are included.

Shrikes , Mary Whalen

Shrikes, Mary Whalen

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