In Motion: Joyce Tenneson - Unseen Polaroids

Legendary photographer Joyce Tenneson is revered for her ethereal imagery created with the 20x24 Polaroid. In this film by John Reuter, Tenneson explores her archive spanning from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. She reveals never before seen photographs that were not selected for exhibition at the time of creation, but which have come to hold special meaning for her after the passage of time. These photographs will be collected into a new book and exhibition at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine in July 2016.

John Reuter joined Polaroid Coporation in 1978 as senior photographer and later Director of the legendary 20x24 Studio. The years spent working with these materials is the impetus for Reuter’s short films on photographers who use the 20x24 Polaroid. “Joyce Tenneson: Unseen Polaroids” is part of a forthcoming feature length documentary titled Camera Ready: The Polaroid 20x24 Project.

View more of Reuter’s work on his website.

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