Some Assembly Required: Dieter Schneider

This series focuses on those who take the making of pictures a step or two further, creating their own photographic tools.


Dieter Schneider, Norway

Dieter Schneider takes a hands-on approach to his photography practice. The Norwegian-based photographer has worked with wet plate collodion for many years, delighting in the tactile nature of the historic photographic process. Five years ago, Schneider turned his interest in craftsmanship to camera-building and has since built numerous large format cameras for wet plate collodion photographers all over the world.

Schneider begins each process by making a 3D model of the camera. Every part of Schneider’s camera—except for the lens, hinges, and screws—are made from scratch. This particular 8 x 10 camera is based on a historical design circa 1850 and was built for a photographer in Luxembourg. It is made from cherry wood, although Schneider also works with American walnut. Measuring 30 x 12 inches and weighing nearly 29 pounds, Schneider’s cameras are substantial pieces of fine craftsmanship.


View more of Schneider’s work on his website.

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