Issue 8 Is Here!

We are excited to announce the release of Issue 8! This issue contains a diverse range of rising stars in photography as well as an article on the evolution of contemporary self-portraiture, an interview with beloved bookseller Tim Whelan, a review of Akito Tsuda’s monograph, and flash fiction inspired by vernacular photography. Copies are on their way to subscribers.

Take a look at our Artists page to view the work of each featured artist:

Tomer Ifrah
Jacob Hessler
Romano Riedo
Tamara Reynolds
Dániel Kovalovszky
Klara Johanna Michel

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The contributing writers for this issue are photographers, educators, critics, and curators from around the country. Their diverse backgrounds provide unique insights and perspectives on the featured photography, and the photo community at large.

Issue 8 Writers:

Diana H. Bloomfield, Sarah Coleman, Frances Jakubek, Kat Kiernan, Oliver Leach, Franz Nicolay, David Rachels, Roger Thompson, Robin Titchener, Lisa Volpe.

All eight issues of Don't Take Pictures

All eight issues of Don't Take Pictures

Editor's Letter

My earliest photographs were made on the drive home from my grandparents’ house when I was 9 years old. They had gifted me a Pentax K1000 in a crumbling leather case, but no film. I sat in the backseat making imaginary photographs of the New England coast, clicking the shutter and flipping the lever that had no film to advance. The absence of film didn’t matter—it was enough just to look at the world through the viewfinder, discovering new ways of seeing that brought the otherwise mundane highway into focus for what felt like the first time.

The act of photographing can be as important as the resulting images. Watching the world take shape through the ground glass, screen, or viewfinder, the photographers in this issue embrace the act of looking. Their images tell the stories of their travels, homelands, subjects, and ideologies. But it is for the love of looking that we are able to experience the world through their eyes.

— Kat Kiernan