In Motion: In the Studio with Josephine Sacabo

Josephine Sacabo’s photographs embrace a tactile, handmade quality of the photogravure process. In this film by Lily Keber, Sacabo describes the photopolymer gravure printing process over a slideshow of her images. Photopolymer gravures are a modern adaptation of the 19th century photogravure process in which a negative is etched onto a polymer plate with UV light and water before being inked and run through an intaglio press. Interspersed with shots of her beautiful New Orleans studio space are scenes of the artist inking the plate and pulling a print from the press. “I wanted you to feel like you’re seeing the image in the paper.” She says, a depth that the engraving process was made for. She says about her mysterious imagery, “It’s not about information, it’s about the effect that the image is going to have.”

Learn more about Sacabo’s work on her website.

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