In Motion: Derek Beck’s WALK Project: A Portrait of Neighborhood in 36 Frames

New York City is comprised of distinctive, diverse neighborhoods. Photographer and filmmaker Derek Beck set out to explore them, dedicating a single roll of film to each neighborhood. The project titled WALK consists of 12 neighborhoods: Central Park, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Financial District, Chinatown, Washington Heights, Bedstuy, Upper East Side, DUMBO, Long Island City, W. 20th Street, and Greenwich Village. To accompany the photographs, Beck records ambient sounds including traffic, conversation snippets from passersby, construction, elevated subway cars, and comments directed at him—all interspersed with the mechanical sound of the camera shutter. Using an app to track his movements throughout the neighborhood, Beck synchs the photographs and sounds in an audiovisual slideshow that gives us the feeling of accompanying him around the streets of New York—experiencing each neighborhood through a photographer’s eyes and ears.

View more of Beck’s WALK project on his website.

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