In Motion: 11 Artists on Photography

Catherine Opie asks, “We are so oversaturated with images, so it’s about one questions: Can I hold you—can I get you to look at an image for longer than a second?” In this film by Roxanne Bagheshirin Lærkesen for the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 11 artists speak about their thoughts on photography, how it defines them, how they see, and the impact that they believe photography has on the world. Photographers included: Catherine Opie, Wim Wenders, Jeff Wall, Dayanita Singh, Elina Brotherus, Per Bak Jensen, Thomas Demand, Sebastiāo Salgado, Nicolai Howalt, Roni Horn,  and Sammy Baloji.

Learn more about these photographers at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art's website.

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