In Motion: Tour of the Kodak Facotry

While Kodak may no longer be the king of camera manufacturing, the brand is still synonymous with innovation and photographic technology. The lads at Negative Feedback visited Rochester, New York to tour Kodak’s 1,200-acre innovation hub and manufacturing center. In this 12-minute video tour, they explore 16 million square feet of manufacturing, distribution, lab and office space. The video shows facilities where film rolls are produced and cut, and where master rolls of film are stored prior to being cut into smaller formats. Kodak is capable of making 50,000 rolls of 35mm film per day. Footage also includes the production of the metal caps on film canisters and boxes full of discarded perforations from the film from when the sprocket holes are punched in 35mm film. The factory complex isn’t all work and no play—the group’s tour guide describes an employee enjoyment building where no manufacturing takes place that houses a theater, bowling alley, shooting range, gym, pool (unfinished), and the Kodak Camera Club.

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