In Motion: Witkin & Witkin

Joel Peter-Witkin is a photography legend known for his complex macabre tableaus. His vision and style are unique, but he is not alone—he has a twin. The documentary Witkin & Witkin focuses on the strained relationship between identical twins who grew up to be celebrated artists—Joel as a photographer, and Jerome as a painter. Despite having similar professions and identical genes, the Witkin twins have spent the majority of their lives estranged.

Directed by curator-turned filmmaker Trisha Ziff, Witkin & Witkin explores the brothers’ peculiar relationship on a personal level, as well as the similarities in art historical references in their work. The documentary culminates with the brothers reuniting in Mexico City for their first-ever joint museum show at the Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos. The film has been making the rounds at festivals and screened at the National Gallery in Washington, DC.

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