In Motion: Master of Camera

For almost 60 years, Gian Luigi Carminati has repaired cameras in his small workshop in Milan. Filmmaker David Drills’ beautiful short film takes us inside of Carminati’s shop as Carminati speaks about his passion for cameras and his thoughts on how photography has changed over the years. “When digital came I thought my job was over” he says in Italian, “Back then if a person had a Rolleiflex his whole family could live on it. Things are different now, a lot has changed.” Carminati does not have a website, a mobile phone, and he has never advertised his services, yet his business continues to remain strong. Of the analog cameras that he loves he says, “We are ageless toys, we always play. Playing is beautiful.” Master of Camera screened at the 2018 Seattle Technology Documentary Festival.

View more of Drills’ work on his Vimeo page.

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