In Motion: Remains

In August of 2018, Burk Uzzle was granted permission to photograph the confederate statue toppled by protestors in Durham, North Carolina the summer before. “This is the remains of a dead person but it is also the remains of an idea,” Uzzle says of the fallen statue in Jethro Waters’ short film Remains.

In this timely and moving film, Uzzle quietly photographs the statue with a medium format camera in a concrete garage. A native of North Carolina, Uzzle is best known for his photographs of the Civil Rights movement. As he begins to photograph, he discusses his emotions and thoughts about southern identity, “I think of one of my best friends who had a cross burned in his front yard when he was growing up.” He says while photographing. Footage of Uzzle photographing is interspersed with his iconic photographs from the 1960s including his notable image of Dr. King in his casket.

Waters made Remains as a companion film to his feature-length film on Uzzle, F/11 and Be There.

View more of Waters’ work on his website.

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