Issue 12 Is Here! The Book Issue Is Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of The Book Issue, celebrating photography on the printed page! Copies are on their way to subscribers.

DTP-12 cover.jpg

A decade ago, news outlets declared the death of the bookstore. Big chains and mom-and-pops alike were closing at alarming rates, unable to keep up with online booksellers. But our love of photobooks has defied this gloomy narrative. Those who appreciate the heft of a volume, the feel of paper, and thoughtful essays find that it makes a more lasting impression than the flickering of a computer screen. The increasing ease with which we can create beautiful books, especially photobooks, has led to an explosion of small publishers.

In celebration of the printed page, I am pleased to share The Book Issue. We feature emerging and established photographers from across the spectrum of contemporary photobook publishing models. Recently released Flowers for Lisa by Abelardo Morell (Abrams Books) is featured alongside Camille Seaman’s monograph, The Big Cloud (Princeton Architectural Press). Samuel Zeller turned to an indie publisher for his monograph, Botanical (Hoxton Mini Press), while Jefferson Hayman and Sal Taylor Kydd each took publishing into their own hands—Hayman with a self-published monograph and Kydd crafting a handmade artist book.

The photobook is a home for some of the best writing on photography. In an effort to spotlight this excellence, the essays in this issue are excerpts from each artist’s book. We are living in the golden age of photobook publishing and I hope that this issue makes its own lasting impression.
— Kat Kiernan, Editor-in-Chief

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