In Motion: DM Witman

DM Witman is an artist and educator whose photographic work explores ideas of biology, synergy, and ephemerality. Her recent project, MELT, examines climate change through photography and audience interaction. This short video offers insight project and Witman’s artistic process.

MELT, Witman’s first project to tackle political and social concerns was inspired by an article in the New York Times about the effects of climate change on the world’s snowiest peaks. In the film, Witman’s discussion of her work is interspersed with a slideshow of the photographs for MELT and footage of her working in the darkroom as she explains that the 200+ postcards she mailed to random people were made with salted paper. This historic photographic process creates prints that will fade when exposed to too much light. The recipient is then faced with a choice, do they preserve the landscape photograph or do they contribute to its disintegration?

View more of Witman’s work on her website.

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