Crowd Funding Roundup: Mexico City's Art Library

Crowd funding is becoming increasingly popular among creatives. With more sites springing up and more artists asking for funds, Don’t Take Pictures spotlights projects that benefit the arts community.

This month’s crowdfunding roundup presents the first public library for contemporary art in Mexico City.

Aeromoto: A Public Art Library in Mexico City

Forty-eight percent of young people in Mexico have never visited a library. With some of the lowest literacy rates in the world, many people in Mexico do not have access to printed materials or other literary resources. In an effort to bring ideas to the public and to provide a place to for the community to learn, four individuals in Mexico City have built a free, public library that specializes in visual art and contemporary culture. Aeromoto is the first public library of its kind. Founded in 2015, the four original founders combined their private collections to share with the public. After opening its doors, other community members donated their books as well. Serving as an open shelf information center, Aeromoto also allow for books to be taken home on loan. Approximately 350 people visit the library each month to check out books, and to attend the many events, workshops, readings, and performances the library hosts.  

Since opening, the increasing number of visitors have requested books that are not available in Mexico. To obtain international titles and to make room for them, Aeromoto has developed plans to remodel a new room to house 500 new books. The costs associated with renovations and obtaining international titles can be high which is why Aeromoto is asking the art community for help raising $11,610 to expand their space and make these works available to the public.

Read more about Aeromoto on their Kickstarter page.

There are 6 days left to fund this project.

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