Cyanotypes: Beyond the Blue Exhibition

Don’t Take Pictures is pleased to announce the results of our online exhibition Cyanotypes: Beyond the Blue. 50 contemporary cyanotypes were selected and will be on view through August 22. Visit the exhibitions page to view the entire exhibition.

Echo Lake , Denis Roussel

Echo Lake, Denis Roussel

Sir John Herschel invented the cyanotype process in 1842 by treating paper with an iron-salt solution. As one of the earliest photographic processes, cyanotypes are known for their signature Prussian blue color. The paper is developed by sunlight, making the cyanotype process a favorite among amateur photographers through the turn of the last century.

Ferry , Daren You

Ferry, Daren You

This process is now in revival and contemporary photographers are embracing the blue hues, as well as experimenting with toning techniques for a moody, otherworldly aesthetic. For this exhibition, Don’t Take Pictures seeks contemporary cyanotypes that go beyond the blue.

Boar , Julie Hamel

Boar, Julie Hamel

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