Some Assembly Required: Albertino

This series focuses on those who take the making of pictures a step or two further, creating their own photographic tools.

Lego camera

Albertino, Hong Hong, China

Putting a new spin on the “toy camera,” Hong Kong based photographer Albertino created a twin-lens reflex camera for Fuji Instax Mini film made from Legos. Inspired by the idea of one man’s trash as another man’s treasure, Albertino first thought of combining instant photography and Legos when his neighbor threw away a bag of the beloved children’s toy.

He chose the twin-lens reflex camera because of his fondness for the placement of the viewfinder and thought that it would be a good fit for the Lego material. The camera uses Instax Mini film and has a preview screen on the top to compose the photograph. What is shown through the viewfinder is then translated onto instant film solely through the Lego bricks. Using Legos also allows for easy “maintenance” as well as the ability to accessorize by adding a flash attached with more Legos, or acting as a tripod mount. The versatility of the Legos makes it an ideal material for building a camera. After painstakingly refurbishing the interiors, Albertino has effectively light-proofed the camera to make pictures in bright, outdoor light.

When the shutter located in the front of the camera is pressed, the film pops out of the top of the camera. The eject button is located behind a “secret” door on the camera’s side. The resulting photographs have the soft-focus and dreamy colors that Instax film is known for, and the diminutive size appropriate for its playful, toy-like styling.

View more of Albertino’s work on his website.

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