News Recap: January 16, 2015

Weekly recap of art-world news.

Museum of Fine Arts Houston Undertakes $450 million Redevelopment
The museum’s redevelopment, led by Steven Holl Architects, will includes two new buildings and a new theater, restaurant, and café.
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Bank Robbing in the Name of Art
Former MIT professor and artist Joseph Gibbons robbed a Capital One branch in Manhattan for research for his in-progress art film.
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New Glasses Correct Colorblindess
A company in Berkeley, California called EnChroma has developed colorblindness glasses. The glasses allow people with colorblindness to see certain hues for the first time. Photographic post processing and color correction could be made much easier for colorblind photographers.
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AP Removes Piss Christ From Their Archives 
Following the recent terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical paper in Paris, the AP has removed Andres Serrano’s controversial photograph “Piss Christ” from their archives.
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