In Motion: Cy Kuckenbaker

This series showcases those who have expanded their artistic palate, moving from still to motion, or motion to still.

Photographer and filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker’s project The San Diego Studies is a series of short films that collapse time, turning mundane occurrences in San Diego into surreal hyperrealities. In “20 Minutes of Kite Flying” Kuckenbaker appears to be flying a multitude of kites at once. The kites take off in a single dramatic motion like a startled flock of birds, wheeling through the air together before returning to the ground. In reality, Kuckenbaker has flown only a single kite on the beach of the Tijuana Slough. Rather than employ CG elements to duplicate the kites, Kuckenbaker separates them from their original shots and compiles the footage together into one scene.

While the other videos in the series center on large-scale events such a planes taking flight, or a busy overpass, “20 Minutes of Kite Flying” embraces the simplicity of a red kite. Kuckenbaker describes this work as a statement about the hidden political complexity of the Playas de Tijuana border town.

View more of Kuckenbaker’s work on his website.

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