In Motion: Tom Stoddart

In search of a personal project, photographer and filmmaker Neale James found himself less interested in his own stories and instead turned his lens to the personal stories of other photographers. With a background in broadcasting, James’ career has come full circle with his series of documentary films titled “The Photographers.” The series currently includes documentaries on Giles Penfound, Jim Mortram, and Tom Stoddart, among others, with more to come. For this film, James spent 24 hours with Stoddart, one of Britain’s most influential documentarians, travelling to the fishing village in the north of England where Stoddart grew up. Throughout the film Stoddart discusses his legacy, what photography means to him, and how his work has shaped public opinion. Footage of Stoddart flipping through prints or walking the shore of his hometown is interspersed with narration over Stoddart’s still images and “talking head” style interview. While the film is unquestionably polished, the ease with which James interacts Stoddart makes the documentary feel as if the viewer is sitting down to talk with a friend.

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